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It is the desire of all couples to have sex and enjoy it to the extreme. But in such a situation many men think that satisfying girls during sex is quite a difficult task. Due to which many times men are also disappointed. But do you know that during sex girls like to have sex themselves? If you adopt their position of choice, then you can satisfy them soon. Let us tell you today that married women told them that these three positions during sex make them intoxicated. Note - This sex position and tips are for people older than 18 years of age.

1- Doggy Style: Most girls like to have sex in doggy style during sex. In this position, the man sexually stimulates the girl completely by having sex on her backside.

2- Reverse Cow Girl: This sex position is also very pleasing to the girls and after using this position during sex, the girls are completely satisfied and their love on the male increases.

3-Woman on Top: This position is the best in itself. Girls often recommend adopting this favorite position with their boyfriends. Explain that friction during penetrations in this position gives both girl and boy partner a lot of fun.

If your sex life has become boring, then couples can try Lotus Sex Position (position) to add tempering. This position gives a feeling of intemacy. In this position, the male sits in the cross-leg position (position) and the woman sits on his lap. The woman wraps her arms and legs with hands and feet. Couples perform slow moves in this position. This position is perfect for a romantic sex.

If you are bored by doing the same sex position (position) every day, then you can add color to your sex life by trying out the sex position (position) mentioned above. All these positions (women) are very much liked by women. They are also very comfortable as well. It will not hurt you or your partner in any way. We hope you liked our article. In this article of Hello Health, comfortable sex positions (positions) have been described. If you want to get any other information related to this, then you can write your question in the comment section. We will try our best to get your questions answered by our experts.


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